How to Unlock Your Modem

Safaricom modem, Zain modem, Yu modem, Orange modem (Argh!) Well, Unlocking your modem enables you to use your one modem on several networks whether local or networks in other countries. And get it done for FREE. Yes, just what you have been looking for!

Unlock your modem


There are several ways to unlock your modem: From simple user-friendly non-technical, to manual technical for those thus inclined. Even commercial, if you really don’t need your money however I’ll be posting on Free Ways of unlocking your modem.

The Easiest Way to Unlock your Modem

  • Visit
  • Enter your IMEI number (check bottom of modem) in the input box and click Calculator
  • You’ll get an unlock code (Please check that your modem is supported before using)
  • Remove the SIM card from your modem and put in another network SIM card.
  • It requests an unlock code, enter the unlock code that was calculated
  • Your modem will then accept the SIM.
  • If it refuses the code, do not keep retrying, as 10 failures block the modem
PS: If you have the Orange 3G+ modem that has no visible IMEI number, there’s currently no way of unlocking it. i.e Don’t buy it. 

Other Links for Unlocking Your Modem:

Another web-based calculator:

 Or a python script with the algorithm for unlocking: 

Kenyan mobile network internet profiles

Another simple way to unlock your modem is through Facebook. Yeah, lots of good people out there just waiting to offer their free service. Here’s a quick guide to the easiest way to unlock your modem.

Using your Safaricom Modem: To connect Yu, Zain, Orange (cheaper)
  • Log in to your facebook account. Then join/like one of the groups e.g UNLOCKING YOUR MODEM, Unlocking Saf, Yu Zain Modems, and such others.
  • The group you joined will give you instructions on unlocking. they will request your modem IMEI no. then unlock it for you.
  • Once you have unlocked your saf modem, you can change access settings (they-above will give you procedure) and use your Yu line.
  • Remember to Disable Automatic Updates on your Computer to Further Minimize megabytes used, Plus you can disable images on your browser-This cuts MBs to a surprisingly low figure

                                             ~As posted on Safaricom’s Unlimited Internet

They will send you a 8 digit unlock code which you input when you insert another SIM card into the modem. Then you will need to create a network profile for the said SIM network, it’s simple. Get instructions on Yu, Zain, Safaricom, Orange profiles and how to do this right here [Internet Profiles for networks]. And you are good to go.

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Peter Etelej

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  • Steve

    Unlocked my modem, thanks

  • lb5387

    Thanks, this is really helpful! I generated the unlock code no problem. My issue is that I'm using a Kenya Safaricom e173 modem and it does not prompt you for an unlock code. I'm in Tanzania now and have replaced the SIM card with one from TZ Vodacom. I get the error message “The SIM card has not been detected or is invalid.”


  • isabelystore

    I have experience to unlock my modem using software from
    it work permanently unlock my modem.

  • Openbook

    Read more about the Huawei E173 modem

  • Motorcycle Maniac


  • Kenyan Forum

    Thanks for the formation. However new Huawei can't be unlocked this way. what can we do?

  • Anonymous

    Works perfectly. Thanks.

  • mose miller

    how do i unlock my ec122 modem

  • Peter Etelej

    The Orange 3G+ EC 122 can’t be unlocked because it doesn’t come with an IMEI number, but if you’re able to get your IMEI number visit it should help unlock the ec122

  • jotham ngaira

    pliz help me unlock safcom modem:867648015168170

    • Peter Etelej

      Use these codes 4 that modem:

      Unlock code: 65425415
      Flash code: 54898951

  • Vivek Dhutia

    Is there any way to unlock Orange ZTE MF192?

    • Peter Etelej

      Without a visible IMEI number, I do not see a way

      • ALCA

        If u havent yet found a solution to your problem… I can help. Just email me @ n a will help u out.

  • kipchirchir

    » Unlock code: 44294553

    » Flash code: 35011215

    post another IMEI i lik helping

    • joypa

      kindly assist me unlock my modem
      IMEI: 867648015124652

    • Njambi

      IMEI: 860014019153063 ZTE MF667 please help me unlock this my airtel modem.

  • sanga

    my modem just stopped detecting sim cards and gives me the sim/usim cannot be detected or is invalid, can someone help me?

  • jamadelix

    Hey pple…..Any REAL wizzes out there(are u there peter etelej)???I’ve got a real puzzler here,i need to unblock this UK modem to work in kenya on any network e.g orange.Its a Huawei model:E353Ws-1 Imei:863974010189597….Any ideas?? you can email me on
    I really appreciate in advance guys

  • tyra

    hello,how do you feel there? please i have modem of alcatel onetouch X230E-2LETTE3 IMEI: 867612005558154,unlock code is:
    -model 0: 2570562250
    -model 1:3124546468
    -model 2: 4167535876
    -model 3:0790382526
    i use all this code but all of them is error,how can i do? please reply me through good bye

  • brenda

    i have a safaricom model model E173u-1,IMEI :356576044488963,pliz help unlock,reply through

  • rana

    hi i have zte orange mf192 modem please help me with the unlock code my imei – 353874042524687

  • ebenezer oppong

    please i have modem of alcatel onetouch X230E IMEI:867612007296597 plz help me unlock it reply thru

  • Official

    plz help me unlock ma alcatel one touch x230E modem the imei is 867612008405395…ma email adress is