KCSE Results 2011

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education 2011 results were released on Wed 29th February 2012. Read the Full KCSE 2011 Results Analysis here.

KCSE 2011 Results

KCSE 2011 Results

411,783 candidates sat for the 2011 KCSE, where 119,658 of them scored C+ and above, and qualify for university admission. Nalianya Job, St. Peters Seminary, was the top candidate nationally followed by Gikonyo Victor Gitau, Alliance High School, and Odhiambo Emmanuel, Alliance High School, respectively. Lonyangapuo E Chelagat was the top girl and fourth overall.

How to Get Your Results

  • SMS your index number to 5052 (on Safaricom)
  • Enter Your Index Number in the form above and press enter.
  • Visit KNEC Website: http://www.knec.ac.ke

Read/Download KCSE Results (PDF Documents)

Brief Analysis of KCSE Results

Maranda High School, Nyanza, took the top spot at the 2011 KCSE Results, climbing three positions from the fourth position in the 2010 KCSE results. This year’s number four was Starehe which managed to get back itself back onto the list under Alliance High School (second place) and Alliance Girls(third). Moi High School Kabarak was the best among private schools.2,927 candidates, from 154 schools, had their results cancelled due to cheating where out of the 47 counties only 11 reported no cases of cheating. Only one county, Kirinyaga, had a larger number of girls sitting for the exam than boys. While candidates excelled in Kiswahili, English was poorly performed.

Watch KCSE Results Release NTVKenya]

A Word to KNEC

The KNEC website has been down for quite. While the millions of visits may be overwhelming for any server, it’s not the reason their website is down. It’s not visits but simple php/mysql connection error that has put them out. Something that could that no more than 5 minutes and 2 lines of code to fix. That is just disappointing.

KNEC’s Web-Malfunction

This is one of KNEC’s busiest weeks, getting someone to prepare your system beforehand should not be that hard. The services people require are not even that much, so am sure getting a web developer is not a problem, if it is; some of us would be willing to help out a cause. It’s not cool that year after year, your site never learns. This is my advice, hire web developers to build you a good site. Better even, let them create a solid API for the rest of us to use, and develop applications to share the info elsewhere – relieving your servers. Seriously.

Peter Etelej

Peter is a Kenyan software engineer and web developer with a passion for Python, PHP, Java for Android, C++ with Qt and HTML5&Friends and enjoys programming across various platforms. Peter also curates the @Blogs_Kenya and @News_Kenya on twitter.

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  • Anonymous

    you are right it is really a disappointment that knec website is unreliabe.they should do something about it and fast

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03629892032947073999 mike mmoja

    can't access my results thro' ma mobile phone. What a disappointment from the Kenya national examination board!! Hark!

  • milly

    eeii,,, what's happening knec????? we can't access our results neither in our phones nor in the web servers……

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12810702397353465298 Bameju

    Has…knec dis tym round wamelenga!

  • Anonymous

    Please guyz this should not be taking that long! It only a matter of codes. Give me that job and I can sort you out asap

  • Anonymous

    HY knec you are letting us down

  • Anonymous

    stil knecs'/rdisplay.php not showing anything

  • alex

    we wish the results are posted to us on emails

  • http://www.facebook.com/nyakundi.demac Nyakundi De’mac

    really whats the problem with kenyans?when results come out the same computer should be used to post the result to the internet for easy access.this should be instant.come on guys dont just get stuck with the mediocre policies of past centuries.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nyakundi.demac Nyakundi De’mac

    seriously i want to check the results of my daughter but these guys will need another week before they can be shown which button to press so that the computer can be powered.seek advice even from the britishers since you will never learn to do things.kenya is still backwards.this is frustrating enough.I promise i WILL NOT WORK WITH PEOPLE LIKE THIS IF I WERE IN KENYA.THEY WILL RUN AWAY FROM WORK OR THEY WILL KILL ME”

  • jecinta

    Style up you guys,we are in need of our results and that our patience is running out.

  • Rod

    I would love to see the 2012 KCSE analysis similar to the 2011 format. Is that something you are planning to post?

  • Denilson Musila

    I love seeing candidates passing.I also got high marks guess what i got 430.